Eight Spotted Forester

Eight Spotted Forester

Image of eight spotted forester adult.
Eight spotted forester adult. Image by Sarah Browning, UNL Extension.

The eight spotted forester is a day-flying moth, that is much more brightly colored than typical moths. Each adult moth has bright orange 'socks' at the top of it's legs, with 2 yellow spots on each forewing and 2 white spots on each hindwing. The moths also have antennae similar to a butterfly's.

The larvae are a bluish-white caterpillar with bright markings on its body- orange stripes, black lines and black spots. It also has an orange head with black spots, and is 1 1/2 inches long at maturity.

Image of eight spotted forester caterpillar.
Image of eight spotted forester caterpillar. from D. G. Pfeiffer & P. B. Schultz with Virginia Cooperative Extension Service

The larvae feed on the foliage of grape, Virginia creeper and Boston ivy, sometimes causing defoliation in localized areas of the home garden. The larvae can be controlled through hand picking or through the use of insecticides labeled for the host plant.

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Eight Spotted Forester, by University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee